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The workshop was an engaging and valuable learning experience that supplemented my own experience. It was relevant and easy to understand.


Allison Kane Adelaide Hills Council

Allison Kane
It reached out to a section of the community that traditional engagement really does not tap into … the online platform gave people a chance to have their say and for that say to be visible in a way that even face to face forums sometimes have difficulty matching.

Paul Dunlop Cardinia Shire Council

Paul Dunlop
OurSay platform is not one dimensional like other feedback tools. On OurSay people can see the conversation happening and read what others are saying. It gives people options to participate by posting ideas, commenting, placing votes, which goes beyond writing letters or sending emails.

Kylie Sprague Greater Dandenong City Council

Kylie Sprague

Here's what you will learn in the upcoming audit:

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Learn where social media train wrecks are likely to occur for your organisation.

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Learn where issue and crisis management needs to be led from. Hint it may not be the top.

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The first steps to building a multifaceted and integrated communications strategy incorporating both “new” and “traditional” media.

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What type of training and coaching your organisational leaders are likely to need.

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Learn from best practice examples of other community engagements that we've delivered.

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Learn the 3 pillars to every successful community engagement. Technology, Organisation, People & Community.

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