Webinar: Six Strategies for Online Engagement

Thurs 27th April 2017 @ 12 noon. Online engagement is usually an afterthought. It shouldn't be. We'll show you six strategies for running engagements 80x more cost-effective using online.

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Who uses online strategies to improve their community engagement:

Traditional v Social

We'll cover the benefits and drawbacks of both traditional and social media when it comes to engagement.


Maximise Results

Consistently communicating with your audience between campaigns will maintain and grow your reach.


Activate Your Community

Connect with a wide cross-section of the community and get them actively working to promote your engagement.


Using Traditional and Online Together

It's a mistake to use either Traditional or Online strategies. We'll show you how online can enhance quality traditional engagement.


Accelerate Your Campaigns

It's never too late to start using online - we'll give you the strategies to get immediate results from online.


Connect with the 'Hard-to-Reach'

Again, traditional strategies have never worked well to reach certain communities. Find out how online can help.

Your Presenter

Matthew Gordon is an experienced local government communication strategist who spent his career in the public service before co-founding the online engagement platform OurSay. 

Matthew has taken time out from his regular workshops with Local Government Professionals Associations around Australia to  lead you through the why and the how of activating online channels.

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"Very useful, and will change the way we approach engagement within Council."

This webinar builds on the success of similar workshops with thousands of local government staff and associations around Australia and New Zealand.

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We know jumping into the online world can be scary.

Start with this webinar to learn how activating online channels properly is the first step to a better return-on-investment for every engagement from now into the future.

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Improve engagement 80x

Learn the 6 key strategies for online activation

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