Futureye and OurSay are teaming up! 

Community engagement is an important undertaking for any organisation but if it’s not done right you face a potentially damaging debate. Futureye and OurSay are pleased to announce a valuable opportunity for those looking to engage but are unsure how to manage community expectations. 

To find out how to get the offer simply fill out the form to the right, click 'enquire now' and we will be in contact with you.

OurSay is a platform to:

  • Empower your members and supporters to make collaborative decisions 
  • Engage your community beyond the usual suspects
  • Secure community endorsement for ambitious or controversial decisions
  • Build a shared understanding of community priorities, constraints and opportunities
  • Give your people options to participate by posting ideas, comments, placing votes, a way to engage beyond writing letters or sending emails.

How does OurSay work?

START - Easy to design, setup and share:

  • Share information via custom branded landing and project pages with rich media capability (links, images, video, documents)
  • Easy WYSIWYG editor to preview, schedule and publish your projects pages (no coding experience required)
  • Promote and share engagements with one click to social networks, email, unique urls, and seamless integration into your website

LEARN - Geographic mapping, analytics and reporting:

  • Capture key demographic data of participants for robust engagement reporting
  • Access interactive map-based reporting to view engagement by postcode, region and state
  • On-screen reporting of total platform engagement over time
  • Gain actionable insights from your community data

OPTIMISE - Track, listen and respond:

  • Manage one or many projects at a time from a central dashboard
  • Monitor real-time participation data on-screen
  • Respond easily to forum comments
  • Close the loop with an engagement response page