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The art of asking the right engagement question

If you want people to participate in your community consultation, you need to use succinct language, which makes clear your expectations and your community’s next required actions. Importantly, you need to be asking the right questions to get the responses you need. The art of asking the right engagement question is no easy feat, so here’s our advice on how to do so:… Read more »

How to promote your online engagement

“If we build it, they will come!” is a common, yet flawed, approach to managing online community engagement. Simply having an engagement forum online does not ensure your community will either visit it or want to participate in it. Engaging citizens online requires the right resources and strategies to ensure it reaches and appeals to the right audiences. Wanting your online forum to “go viral” is not enough to make it so. To ensure your online engagement has high visibility and community involvement you need to:… Read more »

The “myth” of viral campaigns

When things go “viral” the only thing which is happening is people like to share them. So the question we need to figure out is why do people share. Well as it happens, there are only a few reasons which makes us share something:… Read more »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Town Hall Meetings

Although there is plenty of written information on the how-to’s of facilitating an effective meeting, implementation often leaves much to be desired. Take a standard community Town Hall meeting for example. How many organisers could say that they’ve never endured a “bad” one? It seems that regardless of the purpose of the meeting (conveying information, getting to a consensus or making a decision) many meetings waste time, undermine the authority of those running the engagement, or even decrease morale.… Read more »

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