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6 Strategies for Activating Online Engagement Channels

Here is a recording of a webinar we hosted earlier in 2017: 6 Strategies to Activating Online Engagement Channels.… Read more »

Risky Business - measuring public perceptions of risk

Oftentimes engineers and public planners speak from a deep body of knowledge, and through a jargon that can leave lay-people scratching their heads. Although they speak with a clarity of thought in their own minds, they might be surprised to hear how their words are actually interpreted. In some cases councillors can even be so perplexed by their own organisation’s jargon that they hire communications experts to decipher it for the public. OurSay has been hired a number of times to do exactly this kind of job.  … Read more »

5 Lessons from a Successful Online Community Engagement Campaign

Successful campaigns have a lot to teach us as community engagement managers. Having a broader sense of what works and what doesn’t helps us manage our own budgets and priorities much more effectively. Here’s an example of an interesting and successful campaign. Late last year, Plan International launched a campaign which asked young women in Melbourne to engage with a web-based interactive map, via the ‘Free to Be App’. Over a three-month period, young women would comment on how safe and welcome different spaces in the city made them feel.… Read more »

Building Community Trust in Local Government – In a Post-Truth World

We are very much in a post-truth world. Facts and evidence have given way to what ‘feels right’. Some say this is a distinctively modern issue, but others contest it has always been the case, only it’s now further exacerbated by our access to the Internet, and by our politicians and pundits’ more brazen willingness to exploit it to their own ends.   In the post-truth world, how can anyone learn the truth. If the experts can’t agree, how can we? Environmental activist Lois Gibbs refers to this debacle as “duelling PhD’s.” One side’s expert says, “I eat it for breakfast”, while the other side’s expert says, “Even thinking about it will give you cancer.” The public’s response to this tends to be to throw up their hands and revert back to what they ‘feel’ rather than what they ‘know’. And our evolution to a post-truth world is complete. In this environment, is there any way for public institutions to build trust and engage in important issues, without being drawn in a partisan circus?… Read more »

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