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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Town Hall Meetings

Although there is plenty of written information on the how-to’s of facilitating an effective meeting, implementation often leaves much to be desired. Take a standard community Town Hall meeting for example. How many organisers could say that they’ve never endured a “bad” one? It seems that regardless of the purpose of the meeting (conveying information, getting to a consensus or making a decision) many meetings waste time, undermine the authority of those running the engagement, or even decrease morale.… Read more »

How to Handle Professional Complainers

We all have them and we all dread dealing with them. But perhaps what makes ‘professional complainers’ difficult to handle is how resistant they are to holding another point of view. Trying to soothe their pain or attempt to help them in anyway can often get you nowhere because, more often than not, a professional complainer is happiest when miserable. At least, it seems to be the case from where we stand.… Read more »

Reaching Beyond the Usual Suspects

All engagement professionals know exactly who ‘the usual suspects’ are. They’re the people who turn up to every town hall meeting, who comment on every social media post, and who have an opinion on just about everything. They’re over-represented in every community discussion and since they are usually white males, aged fifty plus, they’re not helping us tap into a diversity of opinion.… Read more »

Hub & Spokes - A Framework for Multi-Channel Community Engagement

We often use a “hub and spokes” with our clients to help us think about the best way to maximise the effectiveness of our engagement efforts. The hub – an online meeting place – becomes the glue that holds all the spokes – the channels of communication and engagement – together.… Read more »

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