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How to promote your online engagement

“If we build it, they will come!” is a common, yet flawed, approach to managing online community engagement. Simply having an engagement forum online does not ensure your community will either visit it or want to participate in it. Engaging citizens online requires the right resources and strategies to ensure it reaches and appeals to the right audiences. Wanting your online forum to “go viral” is not enough to make it so. To ensure your online engagement has high visibility and community involvement you need to:… Read more »

The “myth” of viral campaigns

When things go “viral” the only thing which is happening is people like to share them. So the question we need to figure out is why do people share. Well as it happens, there are only a few reasons which makes us share something:… Read more »

The Challenge of Capturing Informal Community Feedback - with Andrew Wardlaw

This is the third post in our ICMA 2016 Insights series. OurSay was recently at the International City/County Management Association Conference (ICMA) in Kansas City, Missouri speaking with leaders of cities from across the world. … Read more »

3 Tips for Building Your Online Community from Head of Fundraising for Landcare Australia

It can be argued that crowdfunding and community engagement are different beasts, however both endeavours require robust online communities to successfully achieve desired outcomes.… Read more »

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