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Build Measure Learn, repeat. The drum beat for online community engagement

Effective online community engagement is not a one-off affair. Repeat engagement with your community is the best way to gain valuable and insightful data, which can be used by your council or organisation to make better and more widely accepted decisions. A well-maintained database ensures you have a ready-made cohort of community members waiting to be engaged with on a continuous basis. The bigger the list, the more likely you are to attract repeat visitors to your online forums who wish to be involved in a consultation process. A growing database also allows for better segmentation so you can target consultations to relevant members of the community. Some other things to keep in mind: OurSay offers a 30 day, obligation free trial on any of our plans. Trial OurSay today! Your community wants to be engaged People on your database actually want to engage with you. They’re on your database because they have at some point willingly provided their email to either hear more about what’s going on in their local area or have something to say about local issues. The people on your database are already engaged citizens and are just waiting for the right opportunity to get further involved.… Read more »

10 Reasons Why You Should Engage Your Community Online

A golden rule of community engagement is to go where people are and engage them when they have time to respond. Today’s online world provides digital access to reach more community members, wherever they are, and at a time and place that suits them. Here are 10 strong benefits of online community engagement: OurSay offers a 30 day, obligation free trial on any of our plans. Trial OurSay today!  … Read more »

The art of asking the right engagement question

If you want people to participate in your community consultation, you need to use succinct language, which makes clear your expectations and your community’s next required actions. Importantly, you need to be asking the right questions to get the responses you need. The art of asking the right engagement question is no easy feat, so here’s our advice on how to do so:… Read more »

How to promote your online engagement

“If we build it, they will come!” is a common, yet flawed, approach to managing online community engagement. Simply having an engagement forum online does not ensure your community will either visit it or want to participate in it. Engaging citizens online requires the right resources and strategies to ensure it reaches and appeals to the right audiences. Wanting your online forum to “go viral” is not enough to make it so. To ensure your online engagement has high visibility and community involvement you need to:… Read more »

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