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Key Social Media Trends for Community Engagement

 A recent Sensis report showed that 87% of Australians are accessing the internet on a daily basis.… Read more »

From Opinion to Ownership - An Engagement Strategy for Better Feedback

Many consultation processes are fatally flawed. They are simply designed to crowd-source “opinion”. And we know what is wrong with opinion.… Read more »

Keeping People Engaged - A Strategy for Going Beyond the First Engagement

Congratulations!  You’ve completed an online engagement project and it’s important to pause, take a breath, and give credit where it’s due.… Read more »

How to Create Compelling Content

From simple text to infographics, images, photos and video, content comes in many forms that can spur people to action. With only a brief moment to make an impression and entice people to get involved with your projects, digital communication provides opportunities to create engaging content that captures attention, stirs emotion, and encourages participation. Consider these tips to create compelling content:… Read more »

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