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The power of engaging citizens online

Turn the digital space from something many organisations fear into a great opportunity. Fast forward and navigate the future here.… Read more »

The “myth” of viral campaigns

When things go “viral” the only thing which is happening is people like to share them. So the question we need to figure out is why do people share. Well as it happens, there are only a few reasons which makes us share something:… Read more »

Online Engagement vs Social Media

Our relationship to social media is constantly evolving. What started out as just a bit of fun has now become the primary source of news and information for many people. The lines between social media platforms and more ‘official’ websites are becoming blurred. Many citizens see no difference between the organisational website and Facebook page, and are coming to expect the same service on both. At the same time, organisations are working hard to present an integrated and consistent front on both their corporate and social pages. In this context, do we actually need a corporate site at all? Can we just put all of our eggs in the social basket? In our view, there are very particular ways to use both official and social platforms well to get the best results for your engagement dollars. Here we present four tips for optimising your brand presence.… Read more »

Break Through the Jargon and Increase Participation

If Nike wrote their advertisements in the same way that public institutions often communicate with their communities, they wouldn’t sell any shoes. This is the thrust of Dave Meslin’s excellent TED talk, “The Antidote to Apathy”. He argues that public sector communication strategies often end up effectively actively excluding participation. Apathy doesn’t exist. People do care. But the use of industry jargon creates obstacles that actively discourage public participation. How do we frame our messaging in a way that actively facilitates and encourages community engagement – that is an invitation rather than an obstacle? OurSay offers a 30 day, obligation free trial on any of our plans. Trial OurSay today!… Read more »

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